At Gledring, excellence in not a virtue. It’s a habit and is delivered through the process of continuous innovation for creating a high quality product. This achievement has come through generations of engagement with skilled professionals and their use of leading edge technology.


As the saying goes, “A workman who wants to do his work well must first prepare his tools”. Gledring professionals specialize in making their own precession tools to produce quality mats. Unlike most mat manufacturers, our mats come to market only after the respective vehicles are launched.

Our Men & Machines

At Gledring, craftsmanship is greatly valued, and that’s why the machines used to create our mats are the result of our knowledge, skills, and years of experience. To ensure perfection in each of our products, every machine in the production process is built in-house by professional experts.

Tailor-Made to Custom Fit

Gledring mats are “Tailor-Made to Custom Fit”. All dimensions and forms are measured with precession, taking every detail into account. Our measurements are complete and fit the vehicle perfectly. Gledring takes responsibility for all dimensions and shapes of mats, as they fit the vehicle as the original ones.


At Gledring, we devote a considerable amount of time and effort in designing the perfect mat. We are aware that customer satisfaction is of utmost importance for success. Gledring was the first to develop easy to clean rubber mats using high quality, Made with Premium Rubber material.


Technical rubber products made for various manufacturers


Started producing rubber car mats


Produced universal rubber trunk mats


Business grows so a new, bigger factory is built


Gledring is among the first to market with custom rubber car mats – designed to fit


Manufacture custom mats for right-hand cars (‘RHD’)


Factory expansion to meet demand


First custom rubber trunk mats

Gledring builds a majority of their own production equipment Every vehicle is measured for the perfect fit Gledring rubber mats are in every 4 th car in Europe; recent growth has been double digits year-on-year

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