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Gledring has been in the business of protecting vehicles for three generations with the Gledj family manufacturing automotive products since 1949 in Slovenia, a country in Central Europe. Gledring’s expertise, modernization, and tailored products have won the company the internationally acclaimed Auto Bild award. Gledring has been the market leader, as well as the first to come out with custom-engineered easy-to-clean floor mats. Our most recent release includes a new trunk rubber mat system that serves as protection to your bumper. The name ‘Gledring’ is quickly becoming synonymous to floor mats and cargo liners in Europe, and is additionally a leading brand in over 40 countries! The Gledj family’s continuing passion to improve on the quality of their products have led them to become innovative design leaders in the car rubber mat industry. 1 in every 4 cars within Europe has a Gledring Floor mat, so join the millions and secure your car with the “ring of protection” by purchasing a Gledring product to treat your car with what it truly deserves.

Mission Statement

Committed to Delivering a of Protection for Your Car.

Gledring History

  1. The Start of Gledring

    Our beginning started with Dura and Angela Gled working in the rubber industry in an old barn in Ljubljana. Since then, Gledring’s advantage has been the production of small quantities of boutique rubber products. A continuing specialty for us is our quick response to introducing and incorporating new and reliable materials. For instance, our introduction of viton and silicon proved to be more resistant than “ordinary” SBR or NBR rubber. In particular, we were one of the first rubber manufacturers to use such new materials within production.

  2. A New Generation

    Stojan, Dura’s son, slowly began to take over their craft in 1986. Later, his wife, Barbara, also accompanied him and together they started a new period of work. The rubber products soon transformed into the idea of making rubber car mats, more specifically creating tailor-fit mats to fit the shape of a specific car. At the same time, the name Gledring was made official and our branding started to build, but we had to yet to pursue the idea of creating specialized rubber car mats.

  3. The Founding of The Gledring Company

    On October 29 th , 1990, the company Gledring was officially formed by owners Stojan and Barbara Gledj.

  4. Our First Factory in Central Europe

    On June 1 st , 2000, construction of the Gledring facility began. In December of 2000, we obtained all operating licenses and shifted over to a more modern premise which spread over 1000 square meters. In 2016, due to lack of space for our production, the premises were upgraded.

  5. Beginning Of The Custom Car Mats Manufacture

    We came to the realization that the term “universal” is no longer as centered towards our customers’ needs. Therefore, we began with our production of custom-fit rubber car mats, starting with the production for Renault.

  6. Frankfurt Fair And Breakthrough To The World Market

    2008 has proven to be one of the major turning points for our company. At Automechanika Frankfurt in 2008, one of the largest fairs for car accessories, we achieved an unimagined success with our new products. This then led to us gaining a lot of new customers who have continued to be loyal to us to this day.

  7. Emergence of the Third Generation

    The third generation of our company is starting to be led by Luka Gledj. In February of 2012, the online store withcar.si opens as one of the first websites in Slovenia to sell such products. In the years that follow, the website begins to operate all over Europe under its own domain.

  8. Worldwide Presence

    Though we started in Europe and have been mainly operating there, we believe it is important to focus on the customers of the US specifically as well and hope to cater to their needs in a more direct manner, hence starting GledringUSA. Additionally, Gledring also operates in countries such as the former Soviet Union, Algeria, Morocco, Tunisia, Turkey, Egypt, Lebanon, and Middle-Eastern countries

  9. Catering to Right Driving Countries

    We began to manufacture rubber car mats for right-hand driving countries such as Great Britain, Cyprus, Ireland, Australia, and New Zealand. Furthermore, we are the only European production company that manufactures rubber car mats for right-hand vehicles.

  10. Production Of Rubber Cargo Mats

    A new turning point for our company has been the production of custom made rubber cargo mats. For this purpose solely, we have developed a brand new material named Rubbasol which has a rich appearance and a soft texture, which allows it to stand apart among all other existing mats. Additionally, we patented a small multipurpose mat (Doggymat), which conveniently fits into the trunk, offering full protection for your car bumper and rear seats, as well as your pets.

Management Team

Kumar Iyer

President of GledringUSA, was born and raised in India. He graduated from The University of Lucknow earning a BA/LLB degree in Commerce & Law. Kumar went on to work in the Middle East for Konica & 3M through Apollo Group, and later with NCR Corporation. He then moved to the US where he co-founded LoginClinic EMR, as well as OptimeTech, an IT staffing firm.

Jerry Kuhnlein

Member of GledringUSA, grew up near Detroit, MI. He earned a BS in Biology from Kalamazoo College and an MD from The American University of the Caribbean. He has participated in research at the National Heart Lung & Blood Institute at the National Institutes of Health. Jerry has been practicing medicine, specializing in Interventional Cardiology, for over 30 years. He has served as Chair for the Division of Cardiology at Spectrum Lakeland, and has owned/operated several medical practices and small businesses.

Jim Krafft

Member of GledringUSA, grew up in western Michigan. He earned BA/BAS degrees from Siena Heights University and an MBA from The University of Notre Dame. Jim is a US Navy veteran and has experience in real estate and the service industry, along with consulting and managing several small businesses.

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