4 Tips for Installing All-Season Floor Mats in Your Car

It doesn’t matter where you live (whether it’s a busy city or rural countryside) nor the time of year; eventually, your car sees a lot of dirt, debris, and grime. Tracking dirt into your vehicle is not something you want unless you’re okay with continual cleaning and maintenance. Otherwise, save yourself time and energy with all-season floor mats. Just be sure to use these four tips for installing all-season floor mats in your car to ensure a proper fit.

Clean the Inside First

Before installing any floor mats, clean out the inside of the vehicle. Vacuum, sweep, and clear out any dirt, debris, and garbage. Cleaning out the area helps prepare the mat for a proper fit. Crumbs and larger items hinder the floor mat’s secure, flat, and stationary position. If you have older mats, remove them, clean their undercarriage, and replace them with new ones.

Line Up the Floor Mats

The next step is to line up the floor mats. With any floor mat, there is a left-hand side (LHS), and right-hand side (RHS) indented into the mat to show its proper placement. The LHS refers to the driver’s side of your vehicle, whereas the RHS refers to the passenger’s side. There should also be factory-supplied retention hooks installed in the floor. If not, your floor mats may come supplied with retention anchors for a tight fit.

Install Correctly

After lining up the floor mat to its respective hooks or anchors, install it on the driver’s and passenger’s sides. Some floor mats have grommets that require you to push down with some force. Once snapped into place, your floor mats will be secure. If you’re having trouble finding the retention hooks, first look for holes in your carpet. Test whether you’ve secured the floor mat, and shift it forward if necessary. If it provides much give and moves around, you have not installed it correctly. Have a professional install it for you if you cannot do so yourself. Remember that it is unsafe to drive with improperly installed floor mats, as it can inhibit proper use of the acceleration and brake pedals.

Test the Pedals

The last tip for installing all-season floor mats in your car is to test the pedals. After finishing the installation, it’s important to test the acceleration and brake pedals to ensure proper utility. Make sure these pedals have a smooth range of motion. There should be no hindrance or interference from the floor mat.

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