4 Tips for Cleaning and Maintaining Rubber Car Mats

There are certain things every car owner must know how to do. Changing a tire, filling up gas, and checking the fluids all come to mind as basic DIY necessities. Additionally, every car owner must know how to clean their vehicle inside and out. That includes the floor mats. Here are four tips for cleaning and maintaining rubber car mats. With them, you can keep your interior in top condition.

Vacuum First

First, vacuum any loose debris on your car mats. Most gas stations have a vacuum station. You can also purchase your own. Be sure to get between all the crevices you can’t easily reach. Also, vacuum under the car mats to clean the car’s flooring. It may help to shake the mats outside to loosen up dust and debris. After this, vacuum again to remove the remaining particles. Use a wet/dry shop vacuum if the mats are wet to draw out moisture.

Clean With a Hose and Detergent

Once you vacuum the floor mats, use a hose and detergent to clean them. If there are any stains from food or grease, use a spray-on cleaner or stain remover and wipe thoroughly. Otherwise, all you need is dishwashing fluid and a hose to blast away at the dirt and grime stuck between the mats. Avoid harsh chemicals, such as chlorine bleach, as this damages the rubber. Also, don’t use spray-on coatings, as they make the mat surfaces slippery, which is a serious driving hazard.

Use a Scrub Brush

If you find any difficult spots, consider using a scrub brush to remove them. Despite the high durability and resilience that rubberized car mats offer, dirt, grime, and other unwanted debris collect within the ridges. An important tip for cleaning and maintaining rubber car mats is to use a scrub brush to get rid of these issues. You’ll find that with a little elbow grease, your car mats will look as good as new.

Hang to Dry

Lastly, hang your car mats to dry. You’ve finished the hard part. Now all that’s left is to let your car mats dry before reinstalling them into your vehicle. They must be fully dry on both sides. Hang them over a clothesline on a sunny day. Otherwise, wipe them with a microfiber cloth or paper towel and then let them sit under the sun. Once they’re entirely dry, put them back into your car.

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